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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Circle Earbud Pouch

It's time to PinFTW again! I have been eyeing this pin for a long time; it was actually one of the first things I ever pinned. I took forever gathering the supplies (not that they are rare or hard-to-find, I just take forever to do everything). Here is the original pin. Super cute, huh? I pinned it 15 weeks ago and just now got around to making it. 

This little circle pouch wasactually really easy. I'm pretty inexperienced at sewing, but this wasn't too challenging. I won't try to explain the steps, Erin Erickson from dog under my desk has a great tutorial. If you don't have a lot of fabric scraps laying around, don't worry. This can actually be made from 2 5-in. charm squares (quilting speak). I shopped at the "mom boutique", so it didn't cost me anything. My mom has gazillions of fabric scraps and little packs of quilting squares, so I had fun scrounging through them to find some patterns I liked. This probably only took me 45 minutes or so, and if you're an experienced seamstress you could do it in like 10 minutes. These would be fun little gifts for all your iPhone-toting friends.

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