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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glitter Clutch!

Another easier-than-I-thought project. I bought 2 bottles of Martha Stewart fine glitter (on sale!) from Michaels. I mixed together a sapphire blue and emerald green 50/50, then mixed in Mod Podge. I used a cheapo foam brush to brush on the glitter mixture fairly thinly. I let that dry for about 15-20 minutes, then brushed on a second coat. Let dry overnight, and voila! Beautiful glittery clutch. This one is really only about the size of a wallet, so it won't hold much. I am in love with the color though. It makes me think of peacocks! Definitely doing this same thing on some crappy old Target flats too. I think I will spray it with a clear acrylic glaze just to finish it off, but the glitter really doesn't rub off much. A few pieces have fallen off, but it doesn't shed nearly as much as some glittery things I have bought.

Here is the original pin!

UPDATE: I did do the flats! They turned out super cute, and they hardly shed any glitter at all!!